Get ready to revive, regroup and recharge at our next Surge gathering on Wednesday night! Surge is our monthly gathering to refuel through worship, testimonies and topical break-out sessions. Join us from 6:30 to 8 p.m. as our entire church comes together at one service. Childcare will be provided for birth to 5th grade. Thrive and Crossfire are cancelled on Surge nights so the students can attend with their families.

Choose a breakout track and stick with it for each Surge session, or feel free to move from one topic to another each month.

WHAT DOES GOD WANT FROM YOU? (Junior High and High School)

What is your purpose and importance in God’s plans? This break-out session for teens will help junior high and high school students take a new view of how their daily activities fit in with God’s story for their lives. What could they be doing daily through school, sports or clubs to proclaim God’s greatness? Facilitator: Ryan Lawrence

Location: Community Room



Our souls are alive. Just as our brains, muscles and organs need proper care and provision of nutrients, our souls also need nourishment. Just as we protect our bodies from the cold, excessive heat or too much sun, we must also protect our souls from damage. This week in “Soul Care” we look at the purpose, plan and possibility of prayer in our spiritual growth and depth of relationship with God. Facilitator: Nate Conrad

Location: Auditorium



At some point in time, each one of us is confronted by someone. Some do it well, others don’t. How we respond when we are confronted can either strengthen relationships or actually hurt them. This session will help you respond more often in ways that lead to stronger relationships and more of God’s Kingdom coming to earth.Facilitator: Nick Howard

Location: Green Room



Join us as we continue our discussion on the undivided life. This session, we will also explore how we can more effectively pray with and for others, how prayer can break down the walls between us and others and how prayer can break the walls in our own hearts. Facilitators: Cheryl Lynn Cain and Pastor Ronn Smith

Location: Hallway outside office



As a parent, you have the opportunity and responsibility to guide your child’s relationship with God and others. Join us as we view the “Parental Guidance Required” teaching DVD series by Andy Stanley. Afterwards, we will engage in interactive discussion brainstorming practical ways we can positively influence the lives of our children and intercede on their behalf. The content of this class is applicable to parents in every stage of life. This group will also meet March 11 and 18 in the Green Room. Childcare is not provided on these nights. Facilitators: Randy and Linda Smith; Mike and Kara Haas

Location: Office

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