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Invitations to upcoming events

Easter is a great time of year to invite your friends and family to services at The Sanctuary. We have three ways you can invite people to upcoming services.

You can use the printed invitations that we have available at the Welcome Table. Grab a stack of five and carry those in your bag or Bible to give to friends when you see them.

Use the links below to use our evites. These all have options to share the invitations through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Or you can use the invitations that are set up on Facebook. Just go to our Facebook page and click the Events tab.

To use our e-vites, please click the following buttons or links. We have invitations available for Easter, Good Friday and our upcoming sermon series, EXpliSit. Please check back for more invitations in the future.

Register for Easter in Bolingbrook, IL on Eventbrite

Easter link:


Register for Good Friday in Bolingbrook, IL on Eventbrite

Good Friday link:


Register for EXpliSit in Bolingbrook, IL on Eventbrite

EXpliSit link:


Thanks for inviting your friends to our services!

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