What good is God? God is for you

Getting Started…
1. When you think about God, which of His attributes seems most prominent to you?

2. How do you think God feels about the world right now? How do you think God feels about the ‘church’ right now?

3. Share briefly with your group how God pursued you and saved you from your sin initially. Or share a time when you wandered from God and He brought you back.

Going Deeper…

Read John 4:1-30
* “Samaritans” is the name for the group of people that intermarried with Jews in Samaria after Israel was conquered by the Assyrians. It also described their children that were not of pure Jewish heritage.

2. Taking into account what we know about her life, how do you think this woman was viewed amongst her own people?

3. Jewish leaders rarely spoke with women in public. Does it surprise you that this is Jesus’ longest recorded conversation with another person? Why or Why not?

Why might Jesus have broken this “rule”?

4. What do you think Jesus is referring to when He says, “the gift of God” in verse 10?

5. Jesus offers the woman “living water”. What do you think He meant by this?

6. After offering her living water, Jesus brings up her past and sin. Why do you think Jesus chose to bring up her past at this time?

7. The Samaritan woman’s past did not keep Jesus from pursuing her and offering her eternal life. Is there something in your life or in someone else’s that you think would keep God from ever wanting a relationship with you or them?

8. We see in verse 13 that part of God being “for you” is that He is “for giving you life”. Have you experienced Christ the living water? How has He given you abundant life?

Read John 4:39-41
9. What was the result of the woman at the well’s experience with Jesus?

10. Does knowing that God is for you make you want to tell others about Him as the Samaritan woman did?

Taking it Home…
Find another verse that talks about how God feels about you as His child or what He has done for you. Meditate on it this week. Next week, share with one other person the difference that knowledge made in your life.


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