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Small Group Questions for April 24

God is Strong

Small Group Questions

The Sanctuary 04/24/11


Getting to Know you

  1. Give an example of someone who you think is strong?  What makes them strong?




  1. How would you describe someone who is strong?




  1. How would you describe someone who is strong in their faith in God?



Going Deeper

Read Acts 4:1-4

  1. Who put Peter and John in jail and why were they put in jail?



  1. Have you ever been persecuted for your faith?  What was the situation and how were you persecuted?



Read Acts 4:5-11

  1. Describe the scene.  How do you think Peter and John felt?  How would you compare the scene to something we may experience today?




  1. Read Acts 4:8 again.  Have you ever experienced the Holy Spirit in this way?  Share a time in your life where you felt the Holy Spirit was speaking through you?




  1. Francis Chan said, “The more I focus on God’s strength and power, the more I find I have the courage to do and to say the things he wants me to.”  Do you agree with this statement and if so why?




  1. What are ways that we can focus more on God’s strength and power rather than on our weaknesses?




Read Acts 4:12-14

  1. Jesus is the only name or power (see Acts 4:7) where we can saved.  This is one of the reasons why Peter and John are so courageous and strong.  Why does this give them courage and why should this truth give us courage?




  1. Read Acts 4:13.  It was the courage of Peter and John that made them stand out.  Why is that?  What is it about courage that makes people stand out?


  1. When you describe the church (not just The Sanctuary, but the universal church) would you use words such as strong, courageous, and bold?  How would you describe the church?  How would you describe the American Church?




  1. How would people describe you? Does your courage make you stand out?





  1. What are some of your greatest fears?




  1. How do we become men and women who are strong in our faith?  How do we raise the next generation to be strong?




Take Home

Pray for courage, boldness, and strength.  If you have kids begin to pray over them daily to have courage, boldness, and strength because we have a God who is Strong.


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