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Small Group questions for May 1

Getting Started….

In your opinion do all sins create life-long memories and/or consequences? Why or why not?

Our sexual decisions seem to leave behind memories and consequences that “run deeper”! Do you agree or disagree with this statement, and why?

As adults we know that sexual decisions come with a lot of “baggage”. Why, then, do we have such a difficult time talking with our kids about it? What has/would help you get over the initial “squirminess” of this topic and speak truthfully and directly to your kids about sex?

On Sunday Ben shared six lies that teens buy into. Which one of these lies did you buy into as a teenager? Which one of these lies continues to be a struggle for you?

Going Deeper…

Read Genesis 39:6-15
What does this passage say to us about sexual temptation?

What keys can we pull out of this passage that will help us overcome sexual temptation?

-Read the following verses and note what each one of them teaches us about how and why we should honor the opposite sex. Don’t throw the “easy answer” down…think deeply and creatively about how these verses should affect our behavior and attitude toward the opposite sex.

Psalm 139:13-14

I Thess. 4:3-6a

Romans 12:9-11

I Cor. 12:27; 13:4-7

The world will gladly educate our children on this topic if we as parents, and guardians do not. What are some of the things that you have done, or are planning to do when it is time to talk with your kids about this issue? (For those of you with older kids this is a great time to share what has and hasn’t worked and how you have approached this topic with your children)

In your opinion what is the balance between being proactive in teaching your children about God’s plan for sex and being reactive and responding to what the world is saying about sex? Which one do you find yourself doing more often?

What boundaries have you set up for you children when it comes to this issue? (It’s never to soon to start discussing and implementing boundaries that will be in place for your kids with friends, television, computer usage, and smart phones)

Taking it Home…

Develop a plan detailing how and when you will talk to your children about sex. Don’t forget the why! Spend some time searching out and studying the biblical and Godly messages about sex that your kids should be hearing.