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TEN: Reimer


As his nickname suggests, “Papa Bill” Reimer is admired as the universal grandfather to many people at The Sanctuary. But his big smile and hearty laugh don’t reveal that the last few years have been full of challenges for this father of two and grandfather of four.

Papa Bill’s son, Bill, Jr., has been unemployed the past few years while Bill’s daughter, Beth, has faced a challenge of another kind. Beth’s husband, Matt, suffers from a severe medical condition caused by Multiple Sclerosis.

Papa Bill said he and his wife, Bobbie, have been amazed to watch God work in both of these situations. God has met the physical needs of Bill, Jr., his wife, Val, and their three children by providing groceries, side jobs or a check in the mailbox just when they needed it most.

“He’s never missed a bill in three years,” Papa Bill said of his son. “Just to watch that makes you really grow and be stronger in your walk with the Lord.”

In early January, Bill faced an even greater challenge of his own. He was walking up the stairs when he lost his breath and was panting like he had been running a race. Doctors found out he had massive blood clots throughout his lungs.

“I’ve had two doctors tell me I shouldn’t even be here… so everyday is a blessing,” he said. “I always fell through the church family praying is why I’m here.”

That stay in the hospital was his first, and it was something he had always feared, Bill said. But thanks to the prayers of his church family, Bill had a supernatural peace during that time.

“That’s one thing with the church,” he said. “They are such a family. It seems like no matter who has a problem, they’re there to help in whatever way they can.”

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