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TEN stories

On Sept. 25, we will be Celebrating Changed Lives at our 10th Anniversary party.

We interviewed 10 individuals/couples and asked them to share what God has done in their lives. Here is a sneak peak at some of those stories.

Click here to watch Trailer 1.

Trailer 2:

Trailer 3:

We would love to hear from you, too! What was your life like before you started attending The Sanctuary or CrossTown Church? Leave us a comment.


  1. Old Biker Dude says:

    If there is one thing I can see in this; is that this journey is marked
    by suffering for Christ and that God is really glorified in us when you are
    satisfied in him in the midst of personal loss and not prosperity.

    Old Biker Dude

  2. Michele Smith says:

    I am so touched just by these promo videos. Even though I already know the stories, it is so good to be reminded of all the amazing things God has done and has yet to do in our church body. I sure hope I remember tissues on the 25th!

  3. Kara Haas says:

    For weeks now, I’ve come to this website and wanted to write something…and had to stop. I seriously can’t find the words that can express how deep our love and feelings are towards the people of this church and the God we all serve. God has used planting this church to shape all of who Mike and I are as individuals, a couple and a family.

    We met Ronn & Scott and heard them share the vision God had given them to plant a church. When they shared that they were called to plant a church that loved God with all its heart, soul, mind and strength and loved others unconditionally…Mike and I looked at each other and knew God was calling us to help plant a church.

    How has being a part of this church changed us? Being a part of this church IS who we are…because the people of this church (old and new) ARE our family. We have experienced some of the hardest stuff of life – together as a family. We’ve fought hard spiritual warfare, together on our knees. We’ve also shared joys and LOTS of laughter and serious FUN! We have laughed hysterically and also cried, hard gut wrenching hurt – together. We’ve loved each other in the good and had to forgive each other in the bad. We all have messed up and been there to pick each other up – just as a family should do. We’ve come alongside each other, and in a way raised each other’s kids- together as a bigger family of God. We’ve prayed and asked God to do the impossible in our hearts, together.

    In all of it – We’ve seen God reveal HIS love, HIS forgiveness, HIS power, HIS healing, HIS delight in us…as we surrender to Him.

    Being a part of this church, has shown us the amazing God that we serve and love – in ways we never would’ve seen otherwise. It’s shown us what the family of God is, can be now and will be someday in heaven. It has deepened our love and worship for God Himself. What an honor and delight it has been for Mike and myself to look back over the past 10 years and count the incredible blessings God has given to us thru the ministry of The Sanctuary. In all of this, Lord, we shout for YOUR glory!

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