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What YOU are saying

Thank you to everyone who answered our survey so far about the upcoming EXpliSit series. So far, 100 percent of those who submitted the survey, said they believe the church should be preaching about sex. When asked if you would invite a friend to a sermon series about sex, about one-fifth of those who responded said they would not.

We would love to hear from more of you, so please fill in the survey at the bottom of this post if you have not done so yet. It is completely confidential. Here are some of the comments we have received so far when asked if the church should be preaching about sex:


“It’s an important issue in life and it’s important to know what God says about it not just our peers.”


“God’s Word talks about it. So the church should teach on it.”


“Because it is a good part of marriage and talked about a lot in life. We need to remember who created it and why.”


“It is a fundamental part of being human, a source of joy and grief. God talks about it, so we should also talk about it.”


“YES! God made us sexual beings and providing a God-given vision for our sexuality is so needed (single or married)! Talking about how God intended sexuality AND how God can redeem previous sinful sexual experiences is critical to helping our body find freedom.”


“Absolutely. The Bible is not silent about sex. The church should not be silent either.”


“Because God made sex. We must know what he says about it.”


“People need all the encouragement they can get to do the right thing.”


“It is a very weighted subject, emotionally. There are often feelings of guilt surrounding it from either being told it was a bad thing growing up or for things that happened outside of marriage. I also don’t know many couples in which both are happy with their sex lives or are able to communicate effectively about it.”


“Sex is part of everyone’s life whether they realize it or not. It should be talked about in an open, honest and loving way, and what better place to hear about it than in church?”

“The less we are willing to talk about a subject in church the more the enemy can count on it for the lies to have power .”


“I feel that sex is a hugely important topic. The world paints such a distorted picture of sex; the church needs to show God’s true meaning of it.”


“Because God created sex so what better place to get the information. And the info is not only coming from The Source but you are also getting TRUTH, rather than hearing lies from outside sources, MTV, other teens or in these times — pre-teens (scary!!!!).”


EXpliSit survey:


Do you think the church should be preaching about sex?

Why or why not?

Would you invite a friend to a sermon series about sex?


Why or why not?


The sermon series also will include a message about Satan's lies to moms. What do you think are the main lies women tend to believe? (Hold down the "command" key to select more than one option.)




Are you:


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