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The fan

30 Jun 2010
Each week, Pastor Ronn Smith, Pastor Ben Wangler and Communications Director Emily Neal will take turns sharing their thoughts on our blog. This week, Emily writes about how the activity in her life creates such a buzz it can drown out the one voice she is trying to hear. After I...
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A Warrior’s Defeat

28 Jun 2010
Pastor Ben on Sunday talked about the factors that can lead to “A Warrior’s Defeat”, in part two of his series called, “Warriors”. Taken from Judges 3, Ben explained the mistakes that led the nation of Israel to go from being victorious to defeated...
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And the winners are…

27 Jun 2010
Wow! Thank you all so much for jumping in and joining the community we are trying to create here on our new web site. Your excitement and enthusiasm definitely exceeded our expectations. You left comments. You subscribed to our news feed. You joined us on Facebook and Twitter....
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Coming up…

25 Jun 2010
Don’t miss part two of Pastor Ben’s sermon series, Warriors, this Sunday. He will be preaching on “A Warrior’s Defeat”. If you missed last week’s message, you can download it. MEMBERSHIP CLASS Are you new to The Sanctuary? Would you like to...
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Death. Funerals. Last words.

23 Jun 2010
I went to a funeral recently. There is something about a funeral that reminds you of what is most important in this life. In this life, it seems we are always looking for more. And yet, when we leave this place we don’t take anything with us. The things we buy remain; the houses...
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On a mission

22 Jun 2010
In less than two weeks, 10 families from The Sanctuary will be packing up their cars, loading up the kids and heading out together on a summer road trip. It will be a bonding experience, for sure. But they aren’t vacationing at the beach or planning hikes in the mountains....
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We’re giving away logo items

21 Jun 2010
Wouldn’t you love to spread the word about The Sanctuary when you are drinking coffee at your desk or toting your stuff around town? Well, this week we will be giving away logo items from The Sanctuary. And it’s so easy to win. As a staff, we are so excited about our...
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How to subscribe to our feed

20 Jun 2010
To subscribe to our news feed… On our homepage look for the green box that says, “SUBSCRIBE TO OUR FEED”. Or this orange symbol on any other page: Click either of those. You should see a screen that looks like this: Look for the box in the top right that says,...
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19 Jun 2010
Say “hello” to the newest addition to our church family, our new web site! This is an exciting time in the life of our church. Not only do we have a new vision, a new name and a new logo, we now have a new web site to help us communicate our message to our church body...
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