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Klubhouse News February 9, 2014

Bible Story:  Without a Paddle (Peter Walks on Water) Matthew 14:22-33

Bottom Line:  When I experience what God can do, it helps me face my fears.

Memory Verse:  “Faith is being sure of what we hope for. It is being certain of what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1 NlrV

Once again, we learn about Jesus and his relationship with Peter. Peter loved Jesus and had so much faith in him, that he was able to walk on water. When the waves rose, though, Peter took his eyes off  Jesus and onto the circumstances around him. His lack of faith and focus on Jesus caused him to start sinking. Only when he was able to re-focus on Jesus and to take his eyes off of the overwhelming storm, was he able to stop sinking into the waves.

How you can apply this at home:

  1. Commit to memorizing this month’s memory verse. This verse and theme will be discussed throughout the entire month.
  2. Discuss a specific fear that your child has. Take some time to find some scriptures related to overcoming these fears. Pray consistently with your child about these fears and reiterate the fact that when we realize what God can do for us, our faith can grow.
  3. Spend time completing the quiet time handout your child was given this Sunday. This stresses and reiterates our main idea about learning more about what God says.