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What is the Edge?

We are going to leave safety for adventure and leave complacency for commitment and go on a 40 day spiritual adventure called “On the Edge.” Our desire for this experience is to see everyone in our church reading the Bible everyday, talking to God everyday and being willing to meet with someone at least once a week to encourage each other and to hold one another accountable to keep on going.

Why should I take the leap?

Our vision at The Sanctuary is to see Homes of Faith. Whether you live in a mansion or a tent, whether you are single or married with 10 kids, our desire is to see your home be a place where Jesus Christ is known and loved. The primary way that will happen is through your own relationship with God. It starts with you. You will impact the people living around you more than anyone else will. It’s time to leave safety for adventure, to leave complacency for commitment, and go over the edge!

Accountable? Who me?

No one likes to be accountable for anything, but we need each other. We especially need to be encouraged to keep pressing on when we want to quit. We want you to connect with another person who will be your partner on this journey. This could be the people in your small group or another friend. You will keep each other updated on how you are doing on the journey, share what you’re learning, pray for each other and confess sin to each other.

What do I do first?

  • Sign up and tell us that you are up for the challenge so we can pray for you!
  • Get a Bible. We have some for you for free. (Sorry, no excuse there!)
  • Pick up the 40 Day Guide. (By the way, they are free!)
  • On Sunday, Jan. 8, start the journey. Turn to page 13 in the 40 Day Guide and start writing.
  • Each day, read the Bible and talk to God.
  • Once a week, meet with someone. This could be the people in your small group or another friend. Share what God is teaching you.
  • If you are not in a small group, meet with Pastor Ronn at 6 a.m. Wednesdays at the church office.
  • If Wednesday mornings will NOT work, let us know. We can connect you with someone!
  • Start getting it done!





Going Over?
Self Assessment
How Do I Begin?
The Inductive Method

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Week Two


Week Three


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Week Seven


40 Day Guide