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What I do: Worship Arts Director

Favorite part of my job: worshipping with a great team and congregation every week.

Little known fact: I watched the entire show of Friday Night Lights (5 seasons) in three weeks. Needless to say I didn’t get a lot of sleep.

I’d rather be: at a mountain getaway writing songs and drinking coffee.

Jeremiah has been the Creative Arts Director since September of 2010.

Jeremiah always knew he would be doing music in some capacity even since he was a child. After reaching that goal at a young age, he still felt the longing for a bigger impact than just living the life a musician.

Jeremiah was trained as a worship leader at Community Christian Church in Naperville in 2004, and hired to work at many churches to help as a musician/worship leader, which opened his eyes to the disconnect between the arts community and the church. Through his years at CCC, Jeremiah said he has been ingrained with the idea of generational leadership and the constant pursuit of reproduction and discipleship.  It is said that through spiritual growth our earthly reward is service. Jeremiah feels The Sanctuary has allowed him to be that reproducing leader and continue to impact the arts community as well.

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Pastors & Staff

Pastor John Jou
Associate Pastor

Pastor John has been the associate pastor at The Sanctuary since August 2015. John oversees the church’s youth ministry, from birth to college. His passion is helping young people use their gifts and talents to serve God, not just in the next generation, but as an important and vibrant part of today’s church. Read more.

Pastor Ronn Smith
Lead Pastor

Pastor Ronn has been the senior pastor at The Sanctuary since the church began in September 2000. Ronn’s passion is meeting new people and sharing with them the good news of Jesus Christ. Read more.


The pastors and staff are held accountable by our elders. Read more.

Randy and Linda Smith
MIssions Team directors

Randy and Linda Smith are the directors of the Missions Team. Read more.

Cheryl Lynn Cain
Reach Ministries Director

Cheryl Lynn Cain is the director of Reach Ministries. Read more.

Jeff and Julie Holtz
Guest Services

Jeff and Julie Holtz are the Guest Services directors at The Sanctuary. Read more.

Michele Smith
Office Manager

Michele Smith is the office manager at The Sanctuary. Read more.

Stephani Suwanski
Office Manager

Stephani is the office manager at The Sanctuary. Read more.

Rainie Curtiss
KidsTown Director

Rainie Curtiss is the KidsTown Director at The Sanctuary. She loves finding creative and fun ways to lead kids into a lifelong relationship with Jesus. Read more.

Emily Neal
Communications Director

Emily Neal is the communications director at The Sanctuary. Her passion is finding creative ways to communicate through print and digital media, social networking, video and photography. Read more.

Jeremiah Higgins
Worship Leader

Jeremiah Higgins is the worship leader at The Sanctuary. He is a multi-talented musician who loves teaching people to lead a life of worship not only on Sunday mornings, but throughout the week. Read more.