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TEN: Celebrating changed lives

What a joy it is to celebrate with you the first 10 years of changed lives in our church body!

Perhaps you were among the brave souls who helped plant this church 10 years ago. You might have joined us for our first service at River Woods Elementary School. Maybe you came when we moved to Bolingbrook High School. Or you could be brand new to our church body.

Whatever the case, we are glad you are part of our church!

Hundreds of people have walked through our doors during the past 10 years. We want to share with you the stories of just a few of those people. In the following videos, you will watch  10 stories of changed lives.

Each person who has entered this church has a different story to tell. And yet, those stories, all weaved together are our history. Your story is our story. And ultimately, we are all part God’s story.

A lot has happened in the past 10 years. People have come and gone. We have moved from one location to another. We even changed our name.

But the one thing that has not changed is the mighty God we worship each week. He has been faithful. He has provided for all of our needs. And we want to glorify Him for all that He has done during this 10-year journey.

Let’s look back at the past and celebrate the first 10 years of changed lives at CrossTown Church and The Sanctuary. And let’s look ahead in anxious anticipation of what the Lord has planned for us in the coming years.

Click the links to watch the videos.

First visits to the church.

Celebrating changed lives. Part 1

Celebrating changed lives. Part 2

Celebrating changed lives. Part 3

Main Event: First visit

Celebrating Changed Lives: Part 1

Celebrating Changed Lives: Part 2

Celebrating Changed Lives: Part 3

TEN stories: Aschliman

TEN stories: Atkinson

TEN stories: Bacani

TEN stories: Fisher

TEN stories: Fuzak

TEN stories: Holtz

TEN stories: Invergo

TEN stories: Ortega

TEN stories: Owen

TEN stories: Reimer


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